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Kaniksu Too (book) - $15.00
Nell Shipman Collection Vol 3: From Lionhead Lodge (DVD) - $25.00
We have a gift shop dedicated to Priest Lake and its prehistory, history, culture and natural surroundings. We have a wide variety of books, DVDs, maps, images, and assorted gifts. This inventory is available for purchase at the museum, as well as by mail-order, and all proceeds go towards the running of the Priest Lake Museum. If you would like to purchase one of these items and cannot make it in to visit our museum, please download and print out the Gift Shop Purchase mail-in form available below and send it to us with a check or money order including $5.00 Shipping and Handling payable to the Priest Lake Museum Association. Museum Members receive a 10 percent discount on all purchases.
Nell Shipman: Letters from God's Country (book) $32.00
Idaho Birding Trail (book) - $7.00
Nell Shipman: The Silent Screen & My Heart Talking (book) - $30.00
Trails of the Cabinets (book) - $17.00
Trails of the Ice Age Floods (book) - $19.00
Pioneer Voices of Priest Lake (book) - $18.00
Uncle Sam's Cabin (book) - $17.00
Priest Lake Museum Association * 208-443-2676 * 38 Priest Lake Museum Rd, Priest Lake, ID 83856
Priest Lake See the Changes (DVD) - $15.00
The Priest Lake Museum Association, in collaboration with historian Kris Runberg Smith, editor of the museum’s book Pioneer Voices of Priest Lake, is working towards producing a generously illustrated, documented history of Priest Lake. We are in the second year of this multi-year project with the hope of publishing the book in late 2012 or 2013. Research and photo collection is an ongoing process. If you have any old photographs or other historical items you would be willing to share with the museum, please contact us.
Priest Lake Story Chain - $50.00
Kaniksu (USFS map) - $12.00
Whispers of the Heart (book) - $19.00
Bug Stationary - $4.00
Idaho Wildlife Guide (book) - $13.00
Historic Photos - Pete Chase with Leonard Paul (13 x 18") - $40.00
Nell Shipman Collection Vol. 2: The Short Films (DVD) - $25.00
Historic Photos - Beardmore Stage (13 x 18") - $40.00
Lookout Cookbook - $15.00
Historic Photos - All Done In (13 x 18") - $40.00
Coolin Cooks! - $18.00
Historic Photos - Warren Birch Store (13 x 18") - $40.00
Cooking at Priest Lake - $18.00
Historic Photos - Pioneer Family (13 x 18") - $40.00
Nell Shipman Silver Screen Cards - $7.00
North of the Narrows Cookbook
Meandering Mushrooms (book) - $7.00
Paper weight made from a Narrow Guage RR rail - $15.00
All The Rain Promises and So Much More... - $18.00
Priest Lake Mini-History (pamphlet) - $3.00
Nell Shipman Collection Vol. 1: A Girl From God's Country (DVD) - $25.00
Priest Lake Note Cards - Elementary Students - $1.00
North of the Narrows (book) - $16.00
Museum Gift Shop Mail-In Order Form
Plants of the Southern Interior British Columbia and the Inland Northwest - $25.00
For Museum Gift Shop purchases, please download the above link, print it out and fill out your order, then send it to the Priest Lake Museum Association PO Box 44, Coolin, ID 83821. Please include $5 for shipping and handling and make Checks payable to the Priest Lake Museum Association. Thank you!
Property of the Priest Lake Museum. Image of the First Ranger Station at Luby Bay.